[Seungho] 110828 [INTERVIEW] MBLAQ in Mini Magazine

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Seungho Interview
Q1: When was your first love?
A1: I haven't had a real first love yet.

Q2: What do you become like when you start dating?
A2: Everyday becomes joyful, so I become very bright to people around me.

Q3: Are you the type that keeps it all in?
A3: To an extent.

Q4: Have you ever been broken up with?
A4: Nope!

Q5: If you get a girlfriend, what do you want to do with her?
A5: Fix a computer. I'm selling a lot of cute computer cases, so I want to match up the parts and give it to her.

Q6: What do you want your girlfriend to wear?
A6: I like casual, so a simple and comfortable attire catches my eye. I also like a person who looks good in jackets.

Q7: How do you appeal to Japanese fans?
A7: I want to show them my honesty.

Q8: If you get married, what kind of father do you think you'll be?
A8: If it's a son, I would wrestle with him, but I would also want a friend relationship where we can go out and have fun together.

Q9: A word to your fans!
A9: I don't want to only show our image that we have created in Korea, but I want to also show a new side of MBLAQ in Japan. We'll work hard to receive your love, and we want to keep showing you cool performances.

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